Candidates Gone Wild – One Week Away!

Observe candidates in their unnatural habitat.

Every political delight you were afraid to have (but secretly want) is there for you at Candidates Gone Wild: Political Mischief. It goes down Monday, April 26th at the Aladdin Theater. Doors at 7pm. Grab that ticket, now.

So you think you’ve seen it all: Steve Novick impersonating Simon Cowell, Nick Fish reading beat poetry, Sam Adams making breakfast powered by Randy Leonard in form-fitting leather on a stationary bike (just a few tidbits from Candidates Gone Wild past).

But prepare yourself for all the madness you have yet to lay your peepers on.

Feel the raw Storm Large-ness of Storm Large.

Embrace the magical mysteries of your Metro government as Metro President contenders Bob StaceyRex Burkholder and Tom Hughes square off in a Celebrity Jeopardy so epic it’d send Sean Connery home in tears.

Immerse yourself in a sea of Multnomah County Commissioner-wannabes,Karol CollymoreChuck CurrieGary HansenTom Markgraf, Maria Rubio,Loretta SmithPaul Van Orden and will try to lie (and truth) their way into your hearts (and more?).

Also, Alex Trebek MIGHT be there.

It’s just one week out. So get your ticket.

Still on the fence, well enter yourself in a lottery to win a free ticket.

Alright, see you there.


~ by busproject on 04/19/2010.

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