Holy March 1st, BusLand!

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There are a number of days that will go down in the history books, to be honored and revered for years to come:

July 4, 1776 : Declaration of Independence is adopted

September 22, 1862 : Lincoln signs The Emancipation Proclamation

August 18, 1920 : Women’s suffrage becomes a reality with the 19th Amendment

July 2, 1964 : LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act

July 20, 1969 : Armstrong and Aldrin walk on The Moon

November 4, 2008 : Young People get out the vote like never before

March 1, 2010 : Online Voter Registration starts in OREGON!

It’s true, folks! The day has finally come! You can now register to vote ONLINE. New to Oregon? Register for the first time! Moved recently? Change that ole address right here!

We here at the Bus have been waiting a looooooong time to bring voter registration into the 21st century and we’re so happy that Oregon’s one of the first states to jump on the bandwagon.

Happy Registering, democrateers!


The Ultimate Volunteer Recruitment Tool!

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We present to you: Hipster Puppies

Never in the history of the internet have two more Oregon things come together with such comedic prowess. Here in The Beaver State, we love our dogs and we love our have a lot of hipsters. This here tumblr puts them together on the same screen. Our only concern is, we didn’t come up with it. But really, folks, think of the political capital we’d have if we had little hipster pups at some of our events, nay ALL of our events. How does “Re-puppy-ing Democracy” sound? Trick or Puppy? Perhaps, Politi-pups?

So, BusLand, don’t judge us as we toil away looking for ways to bring you the ultimate in doggie-dress-up, coming soon to a Bus Trip near you!

Big News ’bout Rebooting Democracy!

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Where can you find 3 red-hot awesome speakers, all in one place?

Rebooting Democracy, the Bus Project conference for people-powered politics, promises many things:

  • Tip-top-training for politics-changing
  • Workshops that get so deep into innovative policy you come out the other side
  • Contests to set policy priorities through a big dose of “little d” democracy
  • The rockin’-est network of new leaders west of the Atlantic

Those bullets alone should get you nominating folks to come to Rebooting Democracy (in Bend from March 26-28th). But, if that’s not enough, we’re bringing you somethin’ even baddassier: our speakers.

Larry Lessig is one of America’s foremost leaders on creating a culture of participation. He founded Change Congress (a campaign to bring some serious hands-on democracy to D.C.), Creative Commons (the first shot in the battle for free online content) and is a Harvard Professor to boot. His recent column in The Nation has sparked a wildfire of enthusiasm on changing the role of money in politics. Click here to watch his TED talk (which is about creativity, not politics, but should give you a sense of his badassery).

Rev. Lennox Yearwood is President & CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, one of the most influential people in Hip Hop politics. You may remember him as the co-creator of Vote or Die! with P. Diddy or for his nationally recognized work organizing for justice in response to Hurricane Katrina.

Heather Smith is Executive Director of Rock the Vote (you may have heard of it). In 2008, she led the biggest non-partisan voter registration drive in American history and founded Youth Voter Strategies, which works to engage a nation of young people by giving organizations and campaigns the tools they need to engage new voters.

Happy Valentine’s Day, BusLand!

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Still not sure what to do on February 14th?

What better way to show your loved ones how much you truly them than buying them a trip to beautiful Bend on March 26-28 for the ultimate people-power love-fest, Rebooting Democracy.

What’s that? Not exactly the romantic gesture you were hoping for? Well don’t worry, because if you snap up your registration by Sunday, you’ll save enough moolah that you can buy so many diamonds and cookie bouquets you’ll literally be drowning in diamonds and cookie bouquets. And then to top it all off, you’ll get your very own Bus Project t-shirt and pint glass when you show up at Rebooting Democracy. Imagine!

That’s right, this Sunday, February 14th, marks the end of the Early Bird special.

Rebooting Democracy is coming fast, and you won’t want to miss it. Become a better organizer. Learn more about the state’s greatest policy challenges. Build a stronger movement for the public good. And make real decisions that are going to make a difference in 2010 and beyond.

Just remember, Sunday is your last chance to give the state a little xoxo while still saving some $$$$ with the Early Bird discount. You’ve already been nominated because you’ve shown what you can do for the good of the order.

Now register today and join 400 other next-generation leaders like yourself to put the people-power back in politics.

Register here.

Vancouver’s got nothin’ on us…

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What do you get when you combine 5 quirky events, 7 unsuspecting politicos, and a witty British announcer?


No but seriously…what better way to spend your Thursday night than with BusFolk, watchin’ the candidates for Portland City Council use their olympic-size political brawn to try and take down the competition. It may not be curling in Vancouver, but we think it’s better.

When: 7pm TONIGHT!

Where: Backspace @ NW 5th and Couch

Who: You, Kristi Yamaguchi, Apollo Ono, and others olympians of all ages!

Why: Because you’ve gotta shake off those post-election blues somehow, why not to a John Williams soundtrack?

Big Biz v. Hands-On Democracy, The Supreme Court Edition

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In a surprising decision handed down 5-4, the US Supreme Court decided to give corporations free range when it comes to campaign spending. Big Biz folks will no longer have to funnel their dollars throughs Political Action Committees and have an all-access pass to all sorts of media. Imagine a TV channel where every commercial is 30 seconds of “Give me your vote.” That’s basically what this is. And it’s a bummer.

Don’t worry though, kids, it’s not the end. If anything, it means that it’s time to put even more hands, your hands in fact, on deck for some very serious hands-on democracy. Big corporations may have money, but we’ve got gumption and drive, a whole lot of it, and we know how to use it.

In fact, you should join us! We’ll be on the phones for the next few days Getting Out The Vote for the special election and we’d just LOVE to have you join us! If you want to give Big Biz a piece of your mind through action, give Reyna a call over here at the Bus at 503.233.3018.

Help a Politicorps Fellow help Haiti!

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Some Americans have been known to set some lofty New Year’s resolutions for themselves: complete and publish a first novel, win Jeopardy, become elected President in an off year, successfully register thousands of voters (wait…that one you can do…), etc. etc.

Others, however, set simple, cut and dry goals for themselves. Politicorps 2009 Fellow/All-around awesome dude, Adam Greenberg, did just that. He set out to paint one watercolor every night in 2010. Why? Why not. In a fast-paced, go-go-go world he just wanted a little time for himself (and the ancient watercolor set he found in his childhood bedroom.) He posts each night’s work at “Tonight’s Watercolor” and has been offering up his creations to family and friends for free. BUT, leave it to Adam to use his resolution to make the world a better place.

When he read about the devastating aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, Adam decided to use his creativity to make some change. He’s going to keep painting one piece a night and offering his work for $10 a piece (free shipping) with all proceeds going to Yele Haiti, 100% of the funds will go to help with the relief effort.

When he gave a heads up to us over here in BusLand we thought we had to share Adam’s forward-thinking, big-hearted project to our universe. So, head on over to “Tonight’s Watercolor” and check out the sweet, sweet offerings. And, keep checking in. Adam’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve, to be sure! And, really, who wouldn’t want something as sweet as this:

Help Adam help Haiti. It’s just that simple.

Stay generous, BusLand!